Google is constantly working hard to make its application more user-friendly and rich in experience. To make its application more appealing, Google is set to launch the AI-powered Smart Compose, a feature that currently tries to complete phrases and sentences in Gmail, in G Suite’s Google Docs soon, announced in the Cloud Next event in London.

Google G-Suite Apps

Smart Compose uses machine learning to churn through all the text you enter into Gmail, tuning its suggestions to your style. Replying to emails is often a rote and soul-sucking endeavour, so having some help from AI might be desirable. You can fill in Smart Reply suggestions by swiping across the screen on a phone or pressing tab on a computer keyboard. 

If you are an existing Gmail user, you can switch on the Smart Compose feature by following the below methods.

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  • On your computer, open Gmail.
  • In the top right corner, click Settings.
  • Under “General,” scroll down to “Smart Compose.”
  • Select Writing suggestions on or Writing suggestions off

Note: Smart Compose is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Smart Compose is not designed to provide answers and may not always predict factually correct information.

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