Vivo color changing rear panel

As spotted by Android Authority initially, Vivo is preparing a phone that’s capable of changing its rear panel color with just a press of a button. While the model’s name or specifications aren’t revealed yet, it’s seemed to have a design of Vivo X50, which was launched in July this year.

You’ll Never Feel the Same Again

Vivo has been an active OEM in developing various innovative features in smartphone space. And now, it’s set to strike again with a new concept – color-changing rear panel. This was first leaked in Weibo and later seen by Android Authority, as a video showed the unnamed phone’s rear panel changes color from Blue to White.

The leakers say it’s because the phone uses electrochromic glass as the rear panel, thus able to use the little charge from the battery to change colors. This can be triggered by the users using a dedicated button at the side, as shown in the video. Since the battery implications are less and seem so attractive of this feature, it may be picked well by users when launched.

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While there are no mentions about the name or specifications of this handset yet, the rear design of camera module tips this to look more like Vivo X50, a company’s flagship launched recently in July. Leakers also call out that these panels can decolorize the glass, and may become transparent.

Similar technology was initially tipped by OnePlus in CES 2020, where the maker using the same electrochromic glass at the rear panel can give a dazzling effect on OnePlus concept phone. We’d wait to see how these phones are perceived by users when launched.

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