Signal Vs Telegram

Whatsapp’s recent privacy policy update backlashed everyone. All of a sudden everyone is now more concerned about their data and privacy. As a result, everyone is trying to find an alternative to the most popular IM Whatsapp. Whatsapp didn’t step back, they are trying their best to keep up in the game.

As now we are seeing full front-page ads in a lot of newspapers about Whatsapp and its privacy. But it was too late and the damage was already done. People are now rapidly moving towards Telegram and the new Signal app. These two IM apps are benefitted the most out of all.

However, Telegram came out to be the winner as the other day we heard from Telegram itself that within three days Telegram saw a surge of 25 million new users added. The Telegram is a great alternative to Whatsapp, it has a lot of features and customization options, but can you really trust Telegram after seeing the privacy of Whatsapp, which claims to be having privacy in its DNA.

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To tell you that, Whatsapp is still ahead in one feature when compared to Telegram and that is (E2EE) end-to-end encryption in personal chats, which prevents Whatsapp and Facebook from sneaking into your conversations. It is very unfortunate to say that Telegram doesn’t have encryption enabled by default.

To use the encrypted messaging service you need to turn on the secret chat option. In comeback, telegram claims to have better chat backups in the cloud and enables a lot of connectivity and sharing features, which won’t be possible with end-to-end encryption.

In contrast, the Signal app is being favored by Elon Musk as he tweeted use Signal App. The App focusses on privacy and security the first and then on something else. It has open-sourced its codes and enables end-to-end encryption by default. In fact, Signal developed the encryption protocol that Whatsapp is currently using in their chats.

To add to it, Signal is run by a non-profit that survives on donations from users and other benefactors, rather than by monetizing our data. The only major limiting factor of the Signal app is that you need to sign up using your personal mobile number instead of some random username or email address.

The good news is that Signal doesn’t collect nearly as much data on you as WhatsApp does. The app doesn’t log your IP address, and whatever little metadata it collects is also encrypted.

On the other hand, Telegram has never been failed to prove that privacy is their top priority. Protecting users identities during Hong Kong’s mega protests and even resisting the FBI when they wanted a backdoor for Telegram database. So their past record is also clear. having said that it is safe to use both the apps be it Signal or telegram, But since Telegram is an older app and have nearly 10x more users than Signal, you are more likely to find your friends and family on telegram than Signal.

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