Samsung Under Display Camera

Samsung display gave us a product preview of the Samsung Blade Bezel laptop on its Weibo page and one of the major attraction of the laptop is the front camera is under the display.

The Samsung Blade bezel will have an ultra-thin bezel screen with a claimed 93% screen to body ratio. The laptop uses Samsung’s new OLED technology for laptop display. The thickness of the display of the laptop is just 1mm and it weighs only 130g.

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Currently, we don’t have many details about the Samsung Blade bezel laptop, as the display department of Samsung was only focussing on the display of the laptop which is just incredible. the under-display camera and the thin bezels using the OLED tech is just the top of the line display in any laptop.

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We all have been long waiting for the under-display camera technology to come into our hands. All of the OEMs are working their best to bring out the under-display camera to their products. in fact, ZTE and Oppo have already shown off their smartphones with the under-display camera. Though the hands-on experience of the products screamed that its the first-gen product and nit needs improvement a lot before it can compete with normal cameras.

Samsung is also rumoured to bring the under-display camera in their next-gen foldable phone the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It might be that Samsung is currently testing their under-display camera with their laptops, and later on, will bring it on into their smartphones.

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