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Google-owned YouTube, in its latest announcements of new experiments, said it will be introducing a new feature called as “Shorts” that lets content creators record a short video of up to 15 seconds. While this feature is similar to TikTok, it didn’t mention any other add-ons like stickers, AR, music, or anything. This will be available for beta users initially and may come to others soon.

TikTok’s immense popularity in a short span wondered everyone. In fact, it made many hard-working creators on YouTube to feel jealous of everyone rising to stardom overnight. Well, TikTok did have features to reason its growth, though it’s still criticized for insecure connections and being Chinese. And the ones who’re mocking TikTokers are mostly YouTubers.

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Shocking them, YouTube has announced a new feature coming to the platform, that seemed to be copied from TikTok. In its support page of new experiments, YouTube said it is “Testing out a way to record multi-segment videos.” Under this, it will let users record a video in several clips, up to 15 seconds span. Users who’re in the beta program of YouTube can see this new option “Create a Video” in the upload section.

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While this is still in beta, it may be coming to all soon, it seemed good. YouTube is asking feedback from those who try this feature, to improve. It defined how to operate too. Users should tap or keep holding the record button to start the recording and then leave or tap again to stop the recording. They can record in short clips until they reach 15-second long video, and then upload it.

YouTube clarified that users recording more lengthy videos can do in regular format, like from recording through phone or camera and uploading to Youtube via gallery. This is initially available for both Android and iOS YouTube clients, but for beta testers only. YouTube didn’t say where to find these video yet, as it’s already having a story-mode like videos and general videos across the app.

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