Google has just made an opportunity to enter the vast Indian 5G market. The American conglomerate shook hands with India’s disruptive technology firm, Jio Platforms, where the former is investing a whopping $4.5 billion into the latter for a stake of 7.7%. This new partnership is aimed at driving India’s path to 5G penetration.

Google Joins Jio to Drive India’s 5G Growth

Jio Platforms, which is a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, has been so inventive in recent times. Started as telecom in 2016, Reliance Jio has grown to several technological platforms over the course, and now it’s aiming to capture the future opportunity in India – 5G. This move was made possible by allowing the big corp – Google in.

Google Jio

Reliance Jio announced yesterday that it’s receiving Rs.33,373 crores ($4.5 billion) from Google in exchange for a 7.7% stake from its Jio Platforms. This makes Google the next high-profile company to partner with Jio, after Facebook, Intel Capital, Facebook, Qualcomm, and a few others. This new agreement between Jio and Google is aimed at driving India’s 5G goals, as per Mukesh Ambani.

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The owner of Jio Platforms said that they’re developing native 5G network for quite a time, and are readying India to experience the future 5G technologies at par with others. Further, he revealed goals about providing affordable next-gen smartphones to India’s 350 million people who’re still using 2G feature phones. For this, both the companies are developing an Android-based OS that would power the upcoming affordable 5G handsets.

This move turns out to be bad for Huawei, which has been eyeing on the Indian market since so long. The Chinese company, though be so advanced in-building 5G infrastructure, was accused of being a Chinese spy and couldn’t be trusted on security reasons. Thus, it’s banned by the US and UK in entering their 5G networks. And for India, it seems to be an obvious choice to choose native Jio over Huawei now.

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