LG Rollable

The year 2020 was seeing the beginning of the era or a trend. The foldable. We saw many different types of foldable, swirl able displays. Brands are doing their most when it comes to innovation, they all have already started a race amongst themselves, that who ends up having the best foldable or a different kind of phone than the usual candy bar design.

LG and Samsung being one of the top contenders when it comes to launching innovative products. In 2020, we saw LG launching a rollable smartphone where the screen can be swirled, while on the other hand, Samsung launched flip-style as well as a fold style smartphone.

Now, LG is planning to launch a rollable style smartphone in 2021. A few weeks ago we saw Oppo, revealing their prototype of the rollable smartphone display. The main benefit of the rollable smartphones is that there is no secondary display, only one display that rolls and becomes big and rolls in to become small.

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It’s pretty similar to the TCL rollable prototype that they announced last year but LG seems to be winning the race of launching the smartphone with rollable display first.

Since it will be a first-gen product, it surely will have some drawbacks as we saw with the Galaxy Z Fold 1. However, we still don’t know it will be an OLED or an LCD, and whether it will be a motorized display, or manual. We will keep you updated on this rollable technology for smartphones and will bring you more and more news as we get hands-on some.

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