Android 11

Google’s launch of Android 11 has a wide range of new features in it. While many of them aren’t notable, they’re helpful in several ways. Features like screen sharing on Google Duo, Enhanced sound notifications for aiding hearing-impaired users, blocking spam calls by default and support for searching more details in an app through Google assistant.

New Features in Android 11

These are the four new features added in Android 11 by Google.

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Screen Sharing in Google Duo

Google Duo is chosen by many for its super clarity video chats. While it fulfils its core functionality, it misses some important features that many other video conferencing apps have. And the new update from Google brings that. The screen sharing in Duo is now possible, along with an option to send a video message. This comes with inbuilt subtitles, which help hearing-impaired users.

More Functionality Using Google Assistant

While users can activate the inbuilt voice assistant by calling as “Hey Google”, they can now do more than just asking for updates. Users can open any app and ask for searching something within using the Google assistant.

Enhanced Sound Notification

Google has tuned the Live Transcribe app to help hearing-impaired users. The new support includes recognising the sounds made by appliances, alarms, door knocks etc and will alert the users accordingly. Google has updated the WearOS too with this support, where users can get notified via screen flashing or vibrating to alerts.

Identifying Spam Calls

The Google Phone app is updated to include more functionality than just being a dialer and contact book. Users can let the Phone app to auto-block spam calls and even learn who’s calling and why. This could be useful while treating any unwanted marketing calls.

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