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Have you ever found yourself in a group chat with co-workers and they are talking about things that you aren’t interested in? Which in turn you decide to turn on “do not disturb”. Then you end up missing out on information that you could have used. I introduce, Slack! An application available on the Google Playstore. A very easy app to use, where you create channels and chat rooms similar to Discord.

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With Slack, you’re able to mute different channels, so you aren’t always getting random memes or co-workers talking about drinks later. You can create channels that relate to the topics at hand. 

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For the past week, I’ve been using Slack to communicate with people that I work for. It has made it really easy to be able to mute unimportant messages that I get on a day to day basis. If there are new projects, or different topics.

I’m easily able to create new channels, and add/invite my co-workers into the new channels. Slack can be painful sometimes when it comes to knowing which channel you are in. But overall I totally recommend this app to almost anyone that works on projects, or basic everyday work scenarios.

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