Oppo Slide Phone

Oppo in partnership with a Japanese design firm has unveiled a teaser of its new experimental handset called Slide Phone. This phone has three hinges, where users can slide over three times to open it up completely. Upon unfolded fully, it features a 7″ display and also comes with a stylus. Here’s more about it;

Three slide to open full

Since the competition in the smartphone space is getting tighter, OEMs have to reinvent themselves to stay afloat in the game. In that pursuit, Oppo has patented a new smartphone design, where it folds thrice to show up fully.

To produce this typical phone, Oppo has partnered with a Japanese design studio called Nendo, and calls it “Slide Phone.” It has three hinges to fold thrice, and when opened fully, it spreads out to be a 7″ long handset. Nendo in its blog said the phone to be in the “the size of a credit card,” with dimensions of 54mm x 84mm in its folded form.

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Users will be able to open the slides with their thumb, and opening the first slide opens a space of 40mm to view quick things like call history, messages, time or a music controller. The next slide up opens upto an 80mm screen which opens the camera, thus able to take videos and photos. A full-length open up stretches to a 7″ long flat phone.

Nendo says this unique design helps users to play games better, by using two of the slides either side as a gamepad with the screen at the centre. Also, it goes good “panoramic photography mode in full screen,” and “multitask mode with numerous apps displayed in a row.” It even has a stylus included in it, for a better experience.

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