Why You Should Be Excited For House Of The Dragon

The Game of Thrones series conclusion was polarising.

More fans disliked the show's ending than liked it.

Some individuals appreciated it, but the social media fandom was outraged with the series conclusion.

Who doesn't like dragons? Magical creatures have fascinated us since childhood.

The politics of Martin's universe have always been a highlight for fans, and they keep attracting new watchers and readers.

Fans care most about accuracy in novel adaptations.

We can't judge House of the Dragon's adherence to George's prequel novellas because we haven't seen a single episode.

Morally grey characters are a big reason why people watch Game of Thrones and read the novels, or vice versa.

I'll admit I was dissatisfied with how Game of Thrones ended. Still am, and probably always will. Many believe the show's last season damaged it.

Despite this, I won't miss House of the Dragon.

A dismal ending won't stop me from loving this magical world and its inhabitants. Westeros can wait.