When is the third Overwatch 2 beta starting before launch?

The most recent Overwatch 2 beta session is over, but the Overwatch community is still full of queries and worries about the much anticipated follow-up.

The company does not intend to provide a third beta before the game's release, according to Blizzard vice president Jon Spector.

Spector wrote on Twitter, "We know players are eager to jump in and have seen concerns about the potential for a third public beta.

Many players were unhappy by the decision, particularly because they had hoped for an open beta.

Blizzard has recently angered Overwatch 2 supporters in other ways as well.

On Twitter, people have expressed similar reactions, with some lamenting the previous betas' lack of new features for support heroes.

Although it's disheartening that the Overwatch public beta is no longer accessible, there are causes for hope.

Blizzard has a fantastic opportunity to improve the game's heroes by gathering player feedback throughout the upcoming beta tests.

Would a new beta help allay certain worries before Overwatch 2's release?