When Does 'House of the Dragon' Air in Your Time Zone?

House of the Dragon's first episode drops soon.

House of the Dragon chronicles the rise and fall of House Targaryen and aspires to reproduce the enchantment of Game of Thrones for six seasons.

The drama is about a fantasy civil war called The Dance of the Dragons that began when two Targaryens feuded over who should sit on the Iron Throne.

House of the Dragon will air episodes individually, like Game of Thrones. It starts at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 21.

The show will debut simultaneously on HBO Max and other streaming providers.

Here's when House of the Dragon airs in your country or region.

Canada, Crave: 9 p.m., Aug. 21.  Latin America, HBO Max: 9 p.m., Aug. 21. Portugal, HBO Max: 2 a.m. Aug. 22.   Spain, HBO Max: 3 a.m. Aug. 22.

Italy, Sky Italy: 3 a.m., Aug 22. Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, HBO Max: 3 a.m., Aug. 22. Germany and Austria, Sky Germany: 3 a.m. Aug. 22. Switzerland, RTS: 3 a.m. Aug. 22.

Israel, Cellcom: 4 a.m., Aug. 22. Middle East, OSN: 5 a.m. Dubai Time, Aug. 22. Japan, U-NEXT: 10 a.m. Aug. 22.   Singapore, HBO Asia: 9 a.m., Aug. 22. New Zealand, Sky SoHo: 1 p.m., Aug 22.