Valve Starts Testing Joy-Con Support in Steam

The Nintendo Switch's included gamepads now have official compatibility in the most recent Steam beta.

The August Steam Client Beta community update post(opens in new tab) lists a fairly small number of updates, with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support at the top of the list.

Individual Joy-Cons are supported, and two controllers can be connected into pairs in order to create a tiny gamepad.

Following today's update, Steam now supports the majority of Switch's official controller choices in full.

The Switch Joy-Con do offer some very helpful capabilities, even though they might not be the best method to play for most players.

The Nintendo Online classic controller line, which was formally incorporated in Steam, now has better support from Valve.

The update is currently a part of the Steam client beta. To participate and try out the newest features, go here.

Use the Steam controller lighting choices provided for both Xbox and PlayStation if you prefer utilising those controllers.

We're crossing our fingers that a sizable number of Steam games, particularly those that are also available on the Nintendo Switch, will support this feature.