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10 Easy Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

With an armful of vegan Thanksgiving sides, sweets, and even a main dish that is so delicious that omnivores will be making room on their plates in November, make everyone feel welcome at the table.

10 Best Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Living Space

We've rounded up our 15 favorite plants, some that you've heard of and some that you definitely haven't, to spruce up your living space.

15 Gender Neutral Haircuts That Will Give You A Bold, Androgynous Look

Remember when you were told short haircuts might make you look boyish? It's time to give up that thinking for good. Hair doesn't have to dictate a specific gender, and the gender neutral haircut is in

Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your House

Best Indoor Plants For Low Light, Air Purification, Your Living Room Or Bedroom, And More

20 Life-Affirming Pixie Haircuts for Older Women Over 50 and 60

Although short hair is believed to have a killer rejuvenating effect, nothing seems more challenging than choosing pixie haircuts for older women.

30 Insta-Ready Wash and Wear Haircuts for Over 60 to Update Your Style

Wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60 promise low-maintenance and easy styling while addressing all those age-related challenges older women usually face.

50 Haircuts for Women over 60 That Look Exceptional

Upgrading your style to flatter your new age and changing the way you wear your hair in terms of length, finish and color could be just what you need to regain your sense of beautiful self!

50 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women over 50

Choosing a new hairstyle or haircut can be difficult! Looking through thousands of hairstyles is a long task that may amount to nothing.

20 Flattering Pixie Shag Haircuts for Older Women Who Want a Modern Style

Pixie shag haircuts for older women are short layered cuts with tons of texture and volume. If you’re looking for an edgy look that never goes out of style, here’s the real deal!

The Friendliest Medium-Sized Dog Breeds to Adopt

Familiar Dog Breeds of a Medium Size Waiting to Make Friends with You You can't find a better addition to your household than one of these pups.

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