Multiversus Perks: All 17 Character Best Perks

Wonder Woman

Players in Multiversus can improve their damage negation by equipping Kryptonian Skin, making her a more potent tank in combat. She will sustain less harm, allowing her to stay alive for longer.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry can use the Horizontal Damage Boost perk to increase their overall damage output since they will already be horizontally outputting their attacks.


Superman will gain strength by equipping lumpy Space Punch, which will increase the damage of his aerial melee attacks by 5%. The improvement may not seem like much, but when he employs his Special grab attacks, it adds up.


Beginning with Absorb n' Go, Taz and his teammates will experience a collective 7 percent ability cooldown whenever Taz or one of them is severely knocked back by an enemy projectile.


Painted Target, the first perk, will boost the damage output for the hit stuns Shaggy can inflict on any adversaries within a set range of him. His damage output will be considerably more lethal if you are successful in getting his combinations.