Man stabbed 10 times by Door Dash driver speaks for first time after attack

For the first time since the attack, a man who was stabbed by a Door Dash driver at a McDonald's is coming out.

According to Casey Rich, a woman working for Door Dash became irate with a McDonald's staff for not finishing her order quickly as he and his daughter, 13, were eating there.

Rich claims that he advised the Door Dash driver to "find a real job" after observing the way the driver was speaking to the McDonald's employee.

"I was at ease because my daughter was with me. It didn't seem to be a major issue, "said Rich.

She did say, "Get a real job," in a snarky manner, but Rich was irritated since she was now being disrespectful to everyone around him.

Rich claims that her husband entered a short while later and began punching them, causing the two of them to fall to the ground.

The spouse finally pulled out a knife after they had struggled on the ground.

"When I stood up, I believed he was going to strike me in the side, but he really stabbed me. When I saw him doing that, I tried to pull him out the door but my body gave out "said Rich.

Ten stab wounds were made to him, one of which pierced a lung. He is recuperating at home.

Later, Brandon Sells, a 38-year-old suspect, was detained at his residence.

Because he left his wallet at the crime site, he wasn't difficult to find.