Kimberly and Juri announced for Street Fighter 6

Following the Evo 2022 finals for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Capcom formally revealed Kimberly and Juri as playable characters for Street Fighter 6.

Seven people have now been announced to be on the roster, including the newcomers who join Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Jamie, and Luke.

As we see Kimberly do a few of the well-known moves the renowned Bushinryu master is known for, Guy's style is immediately apparent in her performance.

Following the urban vibe and the significant graffiti we've seen in Street Fighter 6 video so far

While performing at least one of her Super strikes, Kimberly employs a pair of spray cans to paint her adversaries.

This is what SF6 director Takayuki Nakayama had to say about the newest member of the franchise.

Since Kimberly specialises in sports like track and field and cheerleading, we wanted to design an outfit that would fit her quick and acrobatic movements.

She displays some impressive moves in her trailer.

Kimberly uses the Hidden Variable move to cloak herself in a cloud of vibrant smoke before reemerging in front of her opponent for a shock assault.

Juri is still her free-spirited self with plenty of deliciously snarky personality, while being chronologically older than ever.

She now uses social media a little more and adds to the attitude with a new hairstyle and lots of lethal motions.

Juri's Shiku-sen flying kick move is returned in Street Fighter 6 after taking a break in Street Fighter 5.