Kim Kardashian Hairstyles, Haircuts and Colors

Kim Kardashian West is a styling Goddess that a lot of people turn to for fashion inspiration.

Kim Kardashian is iconic in every way and she never disappoints when it comes to her latest hairstyle and trend.

These thick black locks are cut to shoulder length to frame the face.

These brunette locks have only long subtle layers cut around the sides and front to lighten the length and adds shape under the jaw-line.

Long and low-fuss is what this long 'do is about. Layers are jagged cut through the front and sides to lighten the length and to compliment the face and jaw-line....

These lovely highlighted locks are blow-waved beautifully and worn over one shoulder showing off the long layers cut into the sides and front to lighten the length.

Kim Kardashian's luscious locks were blow-waved smooth for the MTV Movie Awards 2013.

This sleek and glossy hairdo is blow-waved from root to tip to achieve a simple yet sexy style best suited to frame a round face.

These long locks are blow-waved and left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the soft movement added to the mid-lengths to ends