'Insecure' actress Denise Dowse in coma due to meningitis

Denise Dowse, a star of "Coach Carter," is reportedly in a coma after contracting meningitis.

Sister Tracey, who is 64 years old, provided confirmation of the information via a message published on Dowse's Instagram page on Sunday.

A severe case of meningitis has put [Denise] into a coma, and she is currently being treated in a hospital.

Since the coma was not medically caused, her physicians are unsure of when she will awaken, Tracey wrote.

Although she described herself as "a private person," she continued, asking for support and good thoughts for her sister and her "only direct family."

According to the CDC, meningitis is an inflammation or swelling of the membranes that serve as a protective shield around the brain and spinal cord.

A bacterial or viral infection of the fluid encircling the brain and spinal cord is what causes the swelling.

Despite her sister's life-threatening condition, Tracey wrote that she believes Dowse is "a vibrant actor and director that should have many years ahead of her."