How to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

The most popular Looney Tune is here, and this guide will provide all the information players may possibly need. Here, we'll discuss his repertoire of manoeuvres, the best advantages and benefits, and some of the most effective tactics to use.

Attacks (Grounded)

Whack-y, Ain’t It? (Neutral) – Chargeable mallet swing – Why I Outta! (Side) – Spinning combo of punches that will break armor – Rabbit Kick (Up) – Chargeable upward kick – Pie Barrage! (Down) – With a pie equipped, the input throws a pie projectile. Heals allies that it passes through, and applies SLOW to the enemies that it hits.

Specials (Grounded)

A Safe Investment (Neutral) – Drop a target for a safe projectile that will fall a few moments later. The safe can be hit toward enemies to do damage. The safe will break and drop an item when destroyed. – Ain’t I a Charmer? (Side) – Blow a kiss that applies CHARMED to enemies which stuns them. Kissing allies will ENRAGE them and make their next attack apply a max stack of WEAKENED.

Attacks (Air)

Helicopter Punch (Neutral) – Persistent spinning punch – Flying Rabbit’s Foot (Side) – Chargeable forward kick – Swing Batta Batta (UP) – Upward baseball bat swing – Look Out Below! (Down) – Throw a pie projectile downward if equipped; if there’s no pie equipped, it becomes a downward mallet swing.

Specials (Air)

Safe Painter (Neutral) – Similar to the ground version, but Bugs will instead paint the safe into reality – this spawns the safe faster. – Rocket Rider (Side) – Similar to the ground version, but the rocket can act as a platform and be ridden across the stage. – Special Deilve-Rocket (Up) – Same as the ground version.