How to play Arya Stark in MultiVersus

An assassin by both name and trade, Arya Stark is a quick, agile, and somewhat complicated character to play in MultiVersus. That’s why she bears a higher price tag than regular characters, costing 3000 Coins to unlock. But once you’ve unlocked her, how do you play her?

Arya’s key abilities and how to use them

Arya is more complicated than most other characters because she has a variety of passive skills that players must take into consideration when playing her. She can deliver extra damage to the enemy's back, which is one to try and constantly remember.

Although Arya already has exceptional mobility, Knife-Thrower is the best in its class. It can be employed both offensively and defensively, from the air as well as the ground. Keep in mind that for its teleport element to work, an enemy does not need to be hit.

Speaking of mobility, Arya also possesses this talent, which has a boosting component. Her ally receives Disorientation and she dashes in their direction thanks to this skill.

Rolling through them and attacking from behind will always catch your enemy off guard if you're having trouble using your Disorient boost to turn your enemies around.

The finest perks for Arya allow her to move more quickly, knock out enemies horizontally, stack damage, and reduce cooldowns. This increases the strain on choosing her benefits.

Snowball Effect, one of her innate advantages, can be used at first, and Percussive Punch Power is an excellent one to have.

Arya has two distinguishing advantages. Despite not having the same strength as some of the other characters', they are nevertheless useful.