Can House of the Dragon match the craze of Game of Thrones?

Fire and Blood, the first prequel based on George R.R. Martin's novel, must wash away the sour taste of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Drogon melts the Iron Throne, the most coveted seat in Westeros, into slag in the final episode of Game of Thrones' eighth season.

Three years later, the Iron Throne is back — larger, sharper, and more imposing – as HBO goes back in time to discover a Game of Thrones successor. 200 years.

House of the Dragon, which launches on Disney+Hotstar on August 22, revisits the Targaryens' genesis tale, focusing on the events leading up to the Targaryen war of succession, known as the 'Dance of the Dragons'

House of the Dragon is HBO's first attempt to emulate the Marvel model, in which a franchise becomes a never-ending universe of action, drama, and controversy.

House of the Dragon will be followed by five spin-offs, including one about Jon Snow.

House of the Dragon will be better paced and more coherent than Game of Thrones' past season, according to reports.

How can House of the Dragon win back detractors?

If House of the Dragon can revive the GoT franchise, it may launch a new dynasty for HBO.