Here's Why Britney Spears Kids Are Angry At Her

Due to her unsettling texts that her two children have received and their unease around her, Britney Spears has not seen them in five months.

After Britney revealed her detailed account of her relationships with Sean Preston and Jayden James, Kaplan spoke with Kevin.

According to Kaplan, they haven't stayed the night with Britney in years.

Based on conversations Kevin had with his kids and other information, according to Kaplan, Kevin was uncomfortable letting the boys visit Britney's residence unattended.

There was a monitor present when the boys were there, as Britney mentioned in her post.

Adding, Kaplan Kevin thinks the boys adore their mother but are upset with her.

Kevin doesn't think he has any control or influence over Sean Preston, 16, or Jayden, 15, either.

They finally make their own choices, and they have decided to delay seeing their mother for the time being.

Kaplan adds that Kevin is irritated. "I can assure you, that house has more pot than Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Puff Daddy combined," Britney said in reference to Kevin's home.

According to Kaplan, Kevin replied that neither Britney nor an outsider would have any legitimate reason to make such unfounded claims.