A New Fatal Fury Game Is In Development

But perhaps wait a long to anticipate it given how little was presented.

During the weekend's EVO 2022 events, publisher SNK unveiled a little video promising a brand-new Fatal Fury game.

The existence of a new Fatal Fury/Garou game indicates that it is either the same as or immediately follows Garou: Mark of the Wolves from 1999.

Amazingly, Garou was the final primary Fatal Fury game to be produced; as a result, it has been more than 20 years.

Since this announcement is based just on a single image, it is impossible to predict what the game will actually look like.

The signature of Aki Senno, called Tonko, was visible on the image itself and was kindly zoomed in on during the video.

Her work on the original Garou, which was released in 1999 in arcades but again in 2000 on Neo Geo and 2001 on the Dreamcast, is likely what makes her most well-known.

For devoted fans of SNK fighting games, having her back on board for this game is a pleasant gift.